ASSOCIATION “FATHERS and CHILDREN”                                      Mr. George V. Tiurin  



Professional human rights supporter, lawer civil profile and attorney specialising in family,

 inheritance, residential, labour, business, criminal law, arbitration

Legal business background of 30 years.






A Participant of the 1-st CSCE conference of human rights held in Moscow in 1991.

In 1992 Mr. Turin prepared an appeal to the RF Supreme Soviet that gave an incentive to adoption of a new law delegating to fathers upbringing children on their on all the guarantees and benefits granted to women in connection with motherhood.

A Participant of the RF Constitutional expert group that prepared and outlined the main principals of the new Russian Constitution in 1993.

Member of the RF President’s Public Chamber.

Member of the Human Rights Committee within the President’s Public Chamber in 1994.

In 1995 participated actively in the international conference “Fathers and Children” held in Prague representing interest of Russia. For his substantial input in preparation and work of the conference was elected as President of the international association “Fathers for Children’s Rights” that united similar organizations from various countries.

The author is an opponent of the “Family Code of the RF”.

The author is an opponent of the “Law on State Allowances to the RF Citizens” that allowed ultimately to incorporate in it interests of fathers upbringing children without a mother.

A Participant-representative of Russia at the 1-st World Congress of Families held in Prague in 1997.

A Participant-representative of Russia at the Conference “Children at the Dawn of a New Millennium” in Nicosia in November 2000.

The expert of the Committees for Family, Children and Youth Affairs of the RF State Duma.

For his legal rights support activity was granted the following state rewards of Russia:

– Medal “Defendant of the Free Russia”;

– Medal “In Memory of 850 Anniversary of Moscow”.



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